How to become a Pro Athlete?

How to become a Pro Athlete?

“Without commitment you never start and without consistency you never finish” – Denzel Washington

Athletes are strong and fit people who are dedicated to maintaining their healthy status at all times throughout the year. Trust me, this isn’t easy at all! Eating a healthy diet, working out everyday and most of all doing this again and again every single day can get monotonous and boring.

But what keeps them pushing so hard towards their goal? Ever thought about it?
Well, the secret is how they tame their mind and body to live a routine life but still love what they are doing without second thoughts. Here is how the monstrous body builders, fastest runners, fittest athletes and focused sportsperson live their active lifestyle –


1. It all starts from the right kind of Rest says Usain Bolt

It takes a lot more than just track training to be the fastest man on earth. Usain Bolt, the world record holder for track sports (running) says, ‘the right kind of rest is very important for any sportsperson, with intense training and performance, not only does your body get tired, your mind too feels pressured. So, having the right kind of sleep and rest is very important to recover and get back up with a bang’.

P.S – Usain Bolt enjoys a mix of US hip hop and reggae, and the kind of music that’s born in Jamaica, his home!

2. Focus on the Nutrients says Novak Djokovic

Lots of smash and free hands has got Novak Djokovic a fine reputation in the world of tennis. The 32-year-old Serbian tennis star loves to munch on his nutrients before and after training. In an interview post his match with Federer, Novak mentioned, ‘put your attention towards what you take in, the right kind of food is the bare necessity for any athlete to perform better’.

P.S – Novak loves to listen to “Inna” a famous Serbian artist. Favourite track “Hot” by Inna.

3. Right kind off Training says Milkha Singh

Countless hours of training, rigorous practice sessions and sleepless nights along with an undying passion for the Gold in the Olympics has put Milkha Singh in the hall of fame and made him a global sensation. He states, the right type of training along with timely exercises will keep one in great shape and that’s the most important thing for a sportsman.

P.S – His favourite playlist is definitely the retro classics from India.

4. Build your Core Strength says Floyd Mayweather

What is a fight if you can’t take a few punches and land strong ones in return? Mayweather the undefeated famous boxing sensation who has never lost a single match, says building a strong core strength should be the primary focus of any individual who are into professional sports. Lifting weights in the gym can be the right place to start off with.

P.S – Mayweather loves hip-hop from Drake, Migos and many other artists from across the world.

5. Tame your Mind says Patrick Lange

The famous Triathlete, the Iron Man, Patrick Lange shared his secret to success in one of his recent victory celebrations. Lange says, ‘the secret to success is in the head, if you know how to tame your mind, you are already half way through victory’. It is important to stay composed at all times; don’t you think?

P.S – Patrick loves to listen to R&B, Rock and a mix of country music during his training.


When we look close into these accomplished sports personalities, they are all fighting their demons to live a balanced life that will keep them pushing through their goals. Music is an important element that motivates them throughout their training and workouts.

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