Why You Should Care About True Wireless Earphones?

Why You Should Care About True Wireless Earphones?

Evolution – From Cycles to fast motorbikes, boats to cruising ships, steam engine trains to bullet trains and apes to humans…the evolution and progress has always walked the planet in different forms.

When we just look back at those huge Gramophones and speakers that Sir Graham Bell invented and then look at the True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds that are the latest convenience, we see a huge progress. But how good is this progress in our day to day life and how does it benefit every individual who opts the True Wireless over the traditional wired and old-fashioned earphones. Let’s decode the differences below –

1. Commute Hassle Free

Having a wireless Bluetooth Earphones is a great advantage to commuters who routinely travel. You can easily pair it to your mobile phone, make calls, listen to music and have a company that will keep you entertained through your boring commute in city traffic.

The True Wireless Earbuds are portable and small making it ideal for traveling and carrying it around in your pockets or bag.

2. Perfect For Fitness Fanatics

You don’t want to be choked by wires while trying to run in the park or be held back by discomfort while training for a game. Wired earphones can slow you down and eventually affect your progress. Switching to the True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds is the smartest decision in order to move towards your goal. These earphones will ensure free movement, better battery backup, ease of portability and most of all adrenaline pumping sound quality to elevate your workouts.

3. Advanced Technology

They are not just wireless Bluetooth technology; they can perform a lot more than their basic functionality. Some True Wireless earbuds are loaded with features like Siri and Ok Google for instant voice commands while you are running or working out, one touch multi-function buttons for easy control of media, Sound pass mode for environment awareness, beryllium sounds cards and dual drivers for ultimate sound experience.

4. Better Comfort

The True Wireless range from Crossbeats are engineered with high-grade silicon material on the ear tips and ear bud casing to provide an athletic fit for long hours of comfortable wearing. Crossbeats is a popular brand among fitness folks as these earphones stay intact during their intense workouts and outdoor adventures. So, if you are someone who is on the move and want company, these earphones are the best comfort money can buy.

5. Innovative Design

What if your earbuds looked premium, sounded premium and carried features that are premium but not priced very premium? Well, that’s definitely a jackpot! Several products in the Crossbeats line up are IF design award winners. If you choose to pick any of them from the range of True Wireless and go out for a party, you are definitely the showstopper. Sharp metallic finishing along with craftsmanship grade packaging, these earbuds are totally a limelight stealer.

Fuel your passion with an incredible sounding earphones

Earphones have evolved to become a NEED rather than just remaining a WANT in the 21st century. Crossbeats has always dedicated its skillset to bring innovation and technological advancements in its products to ensure the best is served with every beat!

Check out other wireless earphones that can help you power your passion. These earphones are perfectly designed for the legend in you. #CrossbeatsExperience

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