Top 5 Gaming Earbuds for 2019

Top 5 Gaming Earbuds for 2019

Gaming has hugely evolved from the mini clip games we used to play as kids! This generation games are all about precision, high end graphics and pure adrenaline. But what makes gaming a more engaging and enjoyable experience? Yes, the sound!

There are many players in the market who produce and make gaming earphones and headphones with multiple features. Some embed mic, some ensure comfortable fit and some purely concentrate on the sound drivers.

Here are the Top picks from our experts who not only love to play online games but also make sure it’s highly entertaining to watch them play, this is what they had to say –

1. Taotronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones



Have to say, this was out first pick due to its unique features and economical pricing. Comes with an in-built MEMS active noise cancelling mode and adjustable mic setting provision. At 18$ approx. this is a good value for money if you are a fan of wired earphones and have lots of time to untangle it.

2. Redgear Cloak RGB Gaming Headphones

These wireless headphones are big and aesthetically appealing to the onlookers. Flaunt multi-colour lights from the RGB LED effect on the headphones. It also carries 3.5mm jack and a high sensitivity towards mic and audio intake. Good for beginners who like it simply and appealing. This one is priced less than rupees 900INR and offers decent value for money for at least a few months.

3. Crossbeats Urban TWS Gaming Earbuds

Latest entry that took the market by storm by going out of stock within the 5 days of it’s launch are these pretty looking Crossbeats Urban. Small yet powerful, these are the lightest weighing True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds in the country. Loaded with features such are Siri, Ok Google, inbuilt dual mic and carry case charger along with concert like sound quality makes this a steal deal any given day. Easiest to carry and the most stylish looking product.

Priced at just Rs 4999, they are the latest heartthrob for the gamers.

4. Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

Sharp, powerful and precise. Yet lacks the home run due to wires. This is best for someone who can live with wires. Priced at INR 6000, these wired earphones deliver stellar audio quality but at a premium price. 

5. Corsair Void Pro 7.1 

At 14000 INR, this is not everyones cup of tea. This is built for people with pro gaming and for whom spending that kind of money is a non-issue. 

Fuel your passion with an incredible sounding earphones

Now everybody’s take at a pair of earphones will be different, discovering your true purpose with it and how much money you will want to invest in it is all that matters. As to wind this article, we would definitely like to flag some points as an important element in gaming earbuds…like sound quality, comfort, range and reception and most importantly the built quality as most of us tend to throw the headphones up the ceiling when we lose a game! 

Switch to Crossbeats TWS range, for they provide the perfect blend of comfort, music, playtime and features for an active lifestyle. Driven by the passion for creating endless possibilities to accomplish every goal in life, Crossbeats is the ultimate music companion for every individual.

Check out other wireless earphones that can help you power your passion. These earphones are perfectly designed for the legend in you. #CrossbeatsExperience

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