How to Elevate Your Cycling Experience?

How to Elevate Your Cycling Experience?

Remember your good old childhood days? Where you used to be the star of the lane with your shining new bicycle zooming past the uncles and diving into the water puddles amidst the cool breeze in the summer heat. Well, with time, we moved ahead, owning fast bikes and cars eventually losing the interest in bicycle. But lately, a good amount of bicycle enthusiasts have stepped into the light wanting to explore the serenity of what’s left of it. If you are one of them, this article is for you! Want to know how to elevate your cycling experience? Read on!

1. Finding the Right frame of bike

Your seating position is the first most important part in the cycling journey. When you decide to pick your peddle buddy, make sure the crossbar is position at least 1.5 to 2 inches below your crotch while you stand.

2. Your Rear Needs Care
Not too soft, not too hard, the balance is the perfect Art! The seat of your bike needs to be comfortable in order to help you stay on the bike for long rides without causing any discomfort to your buttocks or the riding position.

3. Wear the right outfit
Now riding a bicycle is a fun activity, so you don’t want to be dressing anything too tight of serious that will not support the natural flow of cycling and allow you to stay in there comfortably. Since cycling can cause you to sweat a lot more, make sure you wear DryFit sports material clothes that will dry quick and keep your body temperature under control.

4. Keep a check on your bike health
Be it the short ride or the long journey, make sure your bike is well maintained. Before you take your bicycle out for a spin, ensure the chain, handlebars and the gear systems are working fine.

5. Slow and steady
Peddling very fast can increase your heart rate drastically which isn’t advisable, can cause cardiac arrest and other breathing related emergencies. Moreover, cycling is a sport that needs to be enjoyed and felt. Peddle with ease and enjoy the journey.

6. Be bright in low light
Use night vision piping on your clothes or get the night vision neo green jacket if you choose to take a ride after the sunset. This will help other riders and the traffic to identify or locate you easily and avoids accidents.

7. Play by the rules
No matter which part of the world you live, adhering to the road rules is a compulsion and the best way to not get hit by a bigger vehicle. Know the basics and signals, try to maintain a lane discipline that does not affect other riders or drivers.

8. Mirrors will make sense
It’s important to keep an eye of what’s coming after you, especially when you are looking to swing your bike into a different lane. Check with your nearest bicycle showroom and get the perfect sized mirrors that fits your bike well.

9. May the brakes be with you
Yup, that’s the first and foremost thing to be checked before hopping on your bicycle for a ride. Maintain your brake shoes well and clean off the dust and other particle settlements frequently to ensure good braking. Trust me, this is the last thing in life that can fail!

10. Peddle in the right Gear

Peddling in the high gears for a long time can prove dangerous for your knee health. Shift to lower gears and peddle easier with more rotations to ensure a full workout of the legs, this also won’t affect your stamina for the long ride.

Use Music to elevate your cycling experience

Well, the pro tips are sorted!

While all this implies to keeping your physical self-steady, what are you going to do about the mental focus?

Take a breath, we got your back! Using the Crossbeats Wireless Bluetooth earphones can be a great leap of confidence for your cycling. It’s athletic fit and everlasting battery along with true-to-life sound quality will give you the much needed kick to elevate your cycling performance.

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