Top Gift Ideas for Secret Santa 2019

Top Gift Ideas for Secret Santa 2019

The time has come, the season of gifts, lights, sweets, wine and the snow kissed cold breeze…its Christmas time folks. Isn’t it the most exciting month of the year?

You must have definitely heard about the Secret Santa game if you belonged to the corporate segment, it’s a fun way to bring the colleagues closer and to better understand each other and build a stronger team.

So, this gifting season, what are you going to gift your colleague? What will he/she like? Is it useful or not? Will it fit into your budget? There are so many things that you stumble upon before deciding the perfect present. Don’t worry, we’ve got our Santa’s to do the research for you.

Check out the popular gifting options listed below for the Secret Santa 2019.

1. All In One Charging Hub

It totally sounds fancy right? I mean you can charge your smart watch, phone, wireless earbuds all in one unit! This makes your table less messy and easy access to all the gadgets you use at one place. This can be a perfect gift for your tech-savvy friend. Satechi, Aukey, Sabrent and many other brands are reputed in this segment.

2. Thermal No-Spill Travel Mug

No-spill travel mugs are a very handy travel companion if you are someone who consumes coffee or like to stay hydrated throughout the day. Contigo is a popular brand that has been a favourite among travellers and corporate folks. There are many other brands you can choose from on the internet, but before you do that, make sure your friend is not a Camel and does drink a lot.

3. Fitness Bands

A must have accessory for all fitness fanatics. Be it the basics of pedometer tracking, heart rate or exercise counts. It helps you track your health progress as you try to get fit. Your colleague will definitely love this gift, but make sure he doesn’t have one already, since this is the most popular gifting option.

4. True Wireless Earbuds

Why not some great music? But wait? Still hanging on to the wires? Common, you don’t want to see your friend untangling his wired earphones in deep frustration. The Crossbeats Urban True Wireless earbuds are a great product that is elegantly designed and looks totally chic. Be it the workouts, commute or leisure listening…it will live through your day with ease.  

5. Bluetooth Speakers 

Bluetooth Speakers are a real need of the hour now. Be it for watching movies on your laptop, for the weekend house party at your apartment or for your travel needs, they are here to entertain you. Your friend will definitely love the Crossbeats Dynamite for the Secret Santa gift, because it is so elegantly designed and powerfully abled to rock the party anywhere anytime.

With this given list, there are also many other options that one can probably decide upon to gift their colleague for the Secret Santa game. If you have any interesting suggestion, do comment below.

This is the month of celebration and togetherness, Crossbeats is here to up the joy and is going to be rolling out many discounts and giveaways, stay tuned and make your Christmas a lot merrier.

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