How to make interesting New Year Resolutions?

How to make interesting New Year Resolutions?

Yup, New Year is around the corner and how can we not have any content around resolutions?
Well, we believe most of you have already experienced breaking resolutions right from day 1 of the year. Relax, it’s common when you start thinking about resolutions while getting drunk on the New Year’s Eve.

It’s merely impossibly to talk about getting fit in the last week of December and then waking up on the 1st of January with 6 packs…no, it does not happen!

But we actually have a solution for this misery, it’s called Consistency and Sheer Will Power. All of us make new year resolutions but find it very difficult to follow.

Reason for failure – Inconsistency! Reason – Impractical resolutions!
How to fix this? Set practical resolutions that will actually transform us eventually into living healthier and fit with each passing day.

This time, we have some interesting suggestions and tips that will be a part of your everyday life and hence easy to follow through. These may sound very simple but these are some small yet important things in life that we are missing out on –

1. Indulge in Yoga and experience mindfulness

Yoga is the new gen fitness secret. Ever seen Anil Kapoor aging? Ok, he does not do a lot of Yoga but its his genes, not everyone can be like him. But have you seen Shilpa Shetty? Yes, she does a lot of Yoga! Also, our beloved Baba Ramdev!

It’s simple, save yourself that wallet destroying annual gym fees and enrol into a Yoga training class, Yoga classes are comparatively inexpensive or start with small YouTube tutorials. Practice Yoga every single day, it doesn’t strain your body unlike lifting heavy weights or rigorous cardio in the Gym.

2. Utilise your weekend & escape work stress.

Yes, everyone going to office will be craving for the weekend like the school kids for their summer holidays. When it actually arrives what do we do? Become a couch potato and watch action movies and Netflix series dreaming of having a better life!

Reality check – we can indeed make our lives better if we decide to spend some quality family time, go on adventures, enrol in hobby classes, learn music or fulfil our travel bucket list.

Most important, Travel, Travel and Travel…Discovery is the Delight of Life!

3. Commute Smarter


Another biggest complaint of the millennial and almost all of us living in busy metropolitan cities…chaotic traffic! Well, this is something that you cannot change instantly until the government has better public transportation and road plans.

But the solution – Yes, travel in comfort and style. You can use some help with the Crossbeats True Wireless range. This passive noise cancelling, fully futuristic Bluetooth earbuds ensures unlimited entertainment during your commute making it less stressful. 

4. Hack Your Diet

What you eat is what you become! True, your diet is very important be it at any age group. Fast food, instant mixes, cook under 2 minutes and many such easy food solutions may taste awesome but how healthy are they?

We understand eating healthy is very difficult but start small, drink 4-5 litres of water every day, 1 fruit, some veggies and eat small quantities in proper intervals. This along with simple exercises or even walking will keep you healthy and fit in and out.

5. Set Your Goals and Monitor Progress

Back to our introduction!

Without commitment you will never start, without consistency you will never finish – as said by Denzel Washington.

Set small goals, monitor your everyday activities, reward yourself on reaching a milestone, read a book every week, let that laugh out often and keep a calm and composed mind open for learning.

All of this is nothing impossible! You can do anything you set your mind to. This 2020, ensure you are going to build the best version of yourself and stay that way with focus, determination and sheer will.

Wait, our resolution for the year is to bring to you guys some outstanding futuristic products that will help you throughout this fitness journey.

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