Top Work from Home Essentials for Better Productivity

Top Work from Home Essentials for Better Productivity

It’s been a while since the pandemic hit, changing our work and work structures as know it. Work wasn’t about offices anymore, but having systems in place at home. Systems that were efficient, that didn’t die on us and helped us be productive at work.

Here are some pocket-friendly work from home essentials that is a must-buy and a must-have if you want your work to be functioning smoothly.

1. A pair of TWS

Whether you are on a call, a meeting, or have some deadlines to deal with, you need a good pair of Earbuds that should have these minimum features - like a great battery, noise cancellation, and also a balanced output for your favorite genre. Crossbeats TWS promises all of these and additionally allows you to add some extra oomph to those ears with its indigenous style statement, handcrafted exclusive for the working individuals. You can have a look at our website, and find out what our other users are saying about Crossbeats TWS.

2. A Home Office Lap Desk

If you live in an apartment, you may not have room to fit a spare desk. Doesn’t matter if you have space or not, an office lap desk is definitely a bull’s eye to the reservation space required to work comfortably at home. The innovative Lap Desk design provides you a dedicated place for your system, phone, and mousepad while allowing you to work from the comfort of your bed.

3. A multi-featured smartwatch

Gone are those old classic days of wearing a traditional watch. A smartwatch can now be a part of your 9 hours productive haul! A multi-featured smartwatch usually comes with some unique points that have been considered important to support your day to day life activities. From getting social notifications to tracking your sleep, to keep a check on your health, to sending you reminders for meetings, these smartwatches will bring some ease to your daily hustle. Oh, additionally, most of the smartwatches now have in-built sports mode, to keep you hooked with the activities. Here are some of the examples of featured smartwatches from Crossbeats.

4. A slope swivel office chair

A work station is nothing without a comfortable chair that can support your back as well. A handy swivel base is always needed to provide comfortable support to your back. Also, do ensure that you are able to adjust the height as per your convenience. Combining this chair with the lap desk mentioned above is great for your back, and your work as well.

5. A wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

Long hours of constant laptop usage, adding that uneasiness while using the touchpad, can actually cause harm to your fingers and muscles. Hence it’s always suggested to use a comfortable pair of wireless keyboard and mouse to keep your palm in the right position. One of the most preferred recommendations is the Logitech wireless combo. The average battery life is good and is easily available in Amazon and Flipkart.

So here are some of the must-buy Work from Home Essentials that should exist in every working individuals’ home work station for a comfortable lifestyle. Let us know in the comment section, what else can be added, other than the mentioned gadgets

We are on a mission to elevate the best lifestyle experiences one can have. Connect yourself with Crossbeats gears, and feel the difference.

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