Why choose Smartwatch over a traditional watch?

Why choose Smartwatch over a traditional watch?

Although a lot of smartwatches from different brands are adequately available online, a lot of us don’t really have a lot of knowledge about them. What does the word ‘smart’ really mean? So, here’s the run-down. Why you should choose a smartwatch over an analog one.

1. An excellent fitness tracker

This is considered one of the important features of any smartwatch. Also, smartwatches can count some of the most needed metrics like steps, distance, heart rate, sleep tracking, and more. Most of them now come with an IP68 water resistivity, for those who are swimmers! And obviously, you won’t get such features in a traditional watch!

2. Stay Notified on the Go

We are all social media savvy these days. Be it Facebook, WhatsApp or SMS, we need to be connected all the time. With smartwatches, you can simply get notifications on your wrist in a jiffy. Awesome isn’t it?

3. Customize your style

We all love to have a new look every day. Unlike traditional watches that only had a light button, you can change the face of a smartwatch. No matter where you are, depending on your mood and location, you can now freely change the face of your smartwatch from the smartwatch app. Also, the straps have been designed in such a way, that you can replace the in-built ones and customize them as per your choice! Crossbeats ACE has 250+ watch faces. Do take a look!

4. Camera Shutter button & Play Music

Gone are the days, where you had to change your music manually going through the music app. Now, most of the smartwatches have the feature of integrating your music app with the watch, and you can play/pause or forward to the next track with ease! You can also use your watch to take pictures, like controlling your phone’s camera shutter with just a touch on the watch!

5. Pump Up Your Game

Last but not the least, most of the smartwatches have an in-built sports mode feature so as to maintain the vigor, doesn’t matter whether you are hitting the gym or working out at home. The sports mode includes cycling, badminton, walking, cycling, and more, so as to keep you in shape all day.

Crossbeats range of earphones has been a favorite since 2015, Crossbeats also has won the IF awards for the best design and finish! After achieving stardom in the audio segment, we have now proudly launched ACE, TRAK, and IGNITE, in the smartwatch segment.

We are on a mission to elevate the best lifestyle experiences one can have. Connect yourself with Crossbeats gears, and feel the difference.

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