Valentine's Day gift Ideas for Him & Her

Valentine's Day gift Ideas for Him & Her

Roses and letters, chocolates and cards, is your poetry still stuck at the moon and the stars?

This Valentine’s Day, rekindle your favourite memories, meetings, laughter and express your love to each other…Of course, if not now, then when? If you are amongst someone who is yet to ask him/her out, then don’t worry, read on, you shall find inspiration.

But if you are someone who is walking the garden of flowers hand in hand for many years, count this Feb 14th to add more flavour to your romance with these beautiful yet creative gifts and ideas to celebrate the hearts. Ok, let’s get started –

1. Love is Timeless but Couple Watches are Great

Wasn’t it the most beautiful time when she called you mine? Those moments, the ticking of the clock, the beating of hearts…your heart screamed to freeze the time! If you need more of those pulsating moments happening in life, then it’s important to be there on time. Our first recommendation would be a couple watch, you pick the brand and they’ll definitely have one in their collection.

2. Crossbeats True Wireless Earbuds for Him & Her

Yes, absolutely, Truly Wireless Earbuds from Crossbeats for the Truly Loving Couple. Loaded with features, you can talk to them for hours when away, listen to favourite music and drown in each other’s memories or maybe jump into the mono-stereo mode and dance along under the moonlit sky. Now in exciting colours, check their official website.

3. Set of Scented Candles, for Love is in the Air

One thing that immediately reminds all of us about our partners is the scent, the aroma around them. Imagine a beautiful cold night and her favourite scented candles lit all around, wouldn’t that be the best candlelight dinner ever? Chesapeake Bay, Forest Essentials, Homesick have some of the best-scented candles in the world.

4. Capture the rhythm of love with a Camera

Not a shutterbug? That’s ok, you need more than just those romantic eyes to capture your favourite #couplemoment. Gift him/her a handy camera that’s easier to use and simple to carry, then start clicking all the weird yet beautiful pictures. After all, memories are lived in pictures! You can count on Sony, GoPro, Canon and Nikon for some great models.

5. Romantic Dinner Date, Why not?

Remember your first date? Anxious, nervous and panicking to your best abilities? Well, laugh over those awkward moments with a glass of wine and recreate the romance that first stitched your hearts together. This plan is a winner already!

Fall in Love Again!
Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love, affection and togetherness. This February 14th let your heart skip a beat, the souls meet, eyes greet…while you drown in the love that’s forever sweet! Hola, we also have exclusive offers for you guys on Crossbeats, check out our official website, and experience the real sound of love.

Comment below your New Year Resolution and inspire someone today to get started on a wonderful journey, a fresh start!

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