Truly Wireless

Earbuds (No Charging Case)

Lost your earbuds? Never mind, you can purchase separate pair of earbuds as per your model requirements and enjoy wireless music once again. Available for all Crossbeats True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds models.

Earbuds often happen to be one of the most precious accessories of urban men and women. Unfortunately, they’re also the most easily misplaced and lost ones. If you have already lost your earbuds, or are apprehensive that you may end up losing them, we have just the right product for you. We bring to you Crossbeats Replacement Earbuds, without having to shell out money for the charging case that you already have. Depending upon the model you’ve been using, you can conveniently place your order for Evolve, Pebble, Urban, Elektra, or Air earbuds with us, complete with your choice of colour, and we will get it delivered right at your doorstep!  

Estimated Delivery Date - Aug 12, 2020 - Aug 15, 2020

Estimated Delivery Date - Aug 12, 2020 - Aug 15, 2020

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