5 Effective Ways to Work from Home During Corona Outbreak

5 Effective Ways to Work from Home During Corona Outbreak

The Corona Pandemic has halted many lives and affected the work culture largely. With strict regulations from the government and public forums, most of us are advised to ‘Work from Home’. Well, does it sound good? Of course, sitting in your pajamas and munching on a snack and chilling in your crib is definitely fun but don’t forget you are also supposed to submit that important project details or complete the task by end of the day!

Here are some interesting tips that might help you sail through the hardship of the Corona effect and the lazy Work from Home days, take a read -

Stay Organised and on Schedule

It is important to know the ‘To Do’ for the day and keep your calendar updated for work meetings and discussions. Use an online tool to track your work or simply ensure you note all the tasks done in an office diary. Use Skype, Slack, TeamViewer or other such apps to stay connected with your team online.

Keep a Dedicated Workspace

Pick a spot in your house, maybe the drawing-room, your study table, or maybe even the dining table but ensure all your office supplies are reachable and that there is good Wi-Fi connectivity and no disturbances from the household. Even a small distraction could leave you daydreaming and lose focus on your work.

Time to Upskill

This is the best part. Most of us will be saving much time by working home as compared to going out to the office every day. We save the time getting ready for office and the terrible time stuck in traffic. Utilize those extra hours to learn a new online course or tool that will upskill your profile and add value to your resume.

Take Short Breaks

If you need to stay focused and be more productive then staying glued to your seat in front of the laptop won’t help much. It’s important to take those small breaks, go out to the balcony breath some fresh air, munch on a healthy snack, drink some water and do some stretching. This will refresh and reset your brain and by doing this there are chances some creative ideas might cross your mind. That’s how this blog started!

Stay indoors and Stay Safe

Corona Virus outbreak has created havoc across the globe causing panic and people are confused about what instructions to follow and what not to with so many flooding the internet. Having healthy meals and regular water intake along with optimal exercise indoors will help keep our balance both mentally and physically. Wash your hands often, use sanitizers and do wear a mask when you go out to run some errands.

If we take a look at this scenario closely, we just realize that it is indeed bittersweet. But, isn’t this the time to restart and reconnect?

Spending time with family, reading books and learning new things, cooking your favorite meal, sparing time for the kids and finishing those pending household chores. Well, all we would say to the lovely people around is that Crossbeats along with million others pray that this pandemic comes to an end soon and resume life as it were before.

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