5 Tips on Keeping Yourself Safe during a Pandemic!

5 Tips on Keeping Yourself Safe during a Pandemic!

The 1720 plague, 1820 cholera outbreak, 1920 Spanish flu and now 2020 Chinese Covid-19 (Corona Virus) …are these chains of events conveying something to the mankind? Of course! These pandemics come and go but it’s the fear that lets them stay for long.

The Coronavirus is capable of causing mass chaos which it successfully is, but there is still a chance for us to fight back and support each other to see through this unfortunate epidemic. Here are 5 practices that can keep you away from the infections or best case save a life, read on-.

Personal Hygiene

This is the most important thing in life be it during a disease outbreak or maybe even during our regular life. Having good personal hygiene can keep us away from all possible sickness. But since the Coronavirus is taking a toll on many people, we recommend using an alcohol rub, sanitizer or cleaning agents to wash your hands often…we mean it, OFTEN! Please use a safety mask and take regular showers in order to avoid catching the flu.

Escape Public Gatherings

Now we are all gonna hate this! Missing weddings, birthday parties, reunions, family get-togethers and friends meetups. It will all have to wait a while if you don’t want to risk falling sick. Even the common cold due to a few drinks at the bar can weaken your immune and make you more prone to the disease. We advise you to take a few days off work, or work from home and avoid large gatherings and especially with strangers or office clients or meetings. The virus can easily spread from person to person with physical contact. Stay safe and stay away!

Don’t Share Things

Totally! There are higher risk factors involved when you share your things. For example, sharing the same hand wash towel at home, an earphone with a colleague/friend, pens/stationaries and many such things. It is best if you can keep your belonging as personal as possible.

Eat Clean & Go Green

Yup! Green vegetables can help a lot to fight the flu, not just this one, any flu! Vegetarian food habits are considered to be one of the healthiest practices across the world. Maintaining a clean diet with plenty of water should do you good! Also, try avoiding food from restaurants or other eateries, home-cooked food is considered the best given the current situation.

Stay Calm, Don’t Panic

Panic! It is bigger and more dangerous than the disease itself. It weakens you from within! Try to stay calm and composed, follow the above-mentioned pointers and do not pay attention to hoax news and rumors. Stay indoors, listen to your favorite music, watch that Netflix series, complete those office projects and relax your time with family.

If we stay alert and stay aware, the disease will eventually fade away from around us and we can all resume our lives as they were before. Crossbeats sends out its prayers and love to everyone across the globe, stay strong, stay safe and this too shall pass!

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