Use these 5 things to spice up your Holi Celebrations

Use these 5 things to spice up your Holi Celebrations

Hiding inside your bedroom, sweating profusely, not wanting to be drenched in the colours of Holi…are you that person? Then we are not going to be so polite on explaining to you why Holi is a ‘must celebrate’ festival in India!

Imagine all the Bollywood numbers, those water balloon colour splashes, happy people around, tasty smoothies and delicacies and the aura of joy in the air, don’t you want to be a part of that colour war?

If you are still confused on how to nail the Holi attire and match your friendly-rivals on the other end, here are some must-have Holi essentials to outrun the others and look fab.

Switch to Organic Colours

Yes, you definitely need this! If pollution throughout the year is taking a toll on your skin, then imagine what these colourful chemicals can do! Alright, let’s get you a solution, switch to organic colours that use less or no chemicals at all.

Bonus – They can be washed away easily. Yes, thank us later!

Time to Fire Some Water Balloons

Tired of filling the balloons at the tap? Get yourself the water pump or otherwise called the ‘Pichkari’ and use it to fill coloured water into the balloons. Pro Tip, use a thicker mixture of colours…you definitely want them to soak in that colour, right

Why you waiting – lock and load!

Colourful True Wireless Earbuds

Don’t you need something fancy to wear this Holi for people to turn around and jaw drop at you? Yes, carry your music all through the festivity with a range of colourful True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds from Crossbeats.

Caution – Though they can protect your ears from flooding of colours they can get easily damaged by too much exposure to water splashes.

Skin Care

Another tip to care for your skin apart from using organic colours is to apply some kind of petroleum jelly over your face and hands before going to play Holi. The petroleum jelly will block the colours from staying on your skin for too long and drying.

Free Tip – We understand your friends don’t like your hair in their natural black colour, but chemical Holi bleaching can cause damage to your hair. So, apply some coconut oil before you go red, blue or green.

Concerts or Events

Apni Gully Ki Mazaa He Alag Hai Bhai! Yes, but still don’t you want to party like in Tomorrowland or Sunburn festivals? Search for party or event tickets a couple of weeks prior to Holi and grab the best deals online. The fun in such high-rise events is a notch higher with thumping music, colours, lights and Ofcourse drinks!

We wish you all a crazy, colourful and fantastic Holi. Play hard but play safe!

If you were still thinking about the 3rd point, yes, our True Wireless Earphones, then click here to buy one at

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