5 Exercises to Keep you in Shape During the Lockdown

5 Exercises to Keep you in Shape During the Lockdown

Staying at home, eating healthy meals and munching on goodies non-stop can definitely add some free pounds to your body in a matter of weeks. Given the lockdown appearing to be for long, can you imagine how you would look by the end of this epidemic?

Ok, not trying to scare you but we’ll all look like stuffed potatoes if we do not focus on staying fit. Since the gym and outdoors are not accessible for a few weeks, it’s important to find other ways for functional fitness that can be done at home with optimum ease. Here are a few compound exercises recommended by the experts that will help keep every ouch of muscle in your body healthy and in shape, read on –

Mountain Climbers

Ok, now don’t pack your bags, we are not talking about any hikes here! Mountain climbers are a perfect exercise to keep your tummy and hip muscles working fine. This exercise burns more calories around the waistlines and thighs.

Stationary Lunges

No kettlebells at home? Never mind, use your dumbbells or any evenly weighing object that you can grip onto while performing the Stationary Lunges. From toning your glutes to improving your balance the lunges are perfect to keep you in rhythm.

The Burpees

Want a full-body training exercise? Yes, the burpees, they work your arms, back, chest, core, glutes, and your legs. This exercise can certainly exhaust you pretty quickly, so we recommend starting it with small reps and less intensity.


Old school but this is by far the best to get your chest, shoulders, back, triceps and your arms pumped with zero equipment. Check on the internet for the variations in Pushups and try them all in small reps to keep that chest broad and sleek like an athlete.


Definitely not as easy as it looks, planks can drain your energy pretty soon while it applies total pressure to your abdomen including the whole body. It is practiced to strengthen the core and improve the conditioning of the body.

Most importantly, you got to eat the right food in healthy proportions and avoid binge eating at all times…even if you are bored!

Bonus point – Put on your Crossbeats Bluetooth Earphones for a power-packed workout session at home. Enjoy the beats and stay safe at home!






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