Are True Wireless Earbuds Worth It?

Are True Wireless Earbuds Worth It?

Evolution has always been playing a major role in the world, be it the old classic gramophones or the modern state-of-the-art True Wireless. Most of us today would be familiar with the wired earphones having the 3.5mm jack, and some of us have even upgraded from the classics to the modern wireless offerings.

Wired earphones are a thing of yesterday, if not now it sooner will be. The question is, how hard is it to upgrade from a Wired/Wireless to a Truly Wireless? Are True Wireless even worth the extra bucks?

Well, both Wired/Wireless and True Wireless earbuds are highly consumed by the masses for the everyday commute, gym training, jogs and many such activities in its own way. So, have you ever found a reason to upgrade from the Wireless to the Truly Wireless? Is it even necessary? Maybe you are not thinking it through!

Here are 7 reasons why you will abandon your Wired/Wireless Earbuds and switch to the True Wireless.

The Freedom

The ultimate freedom from the tangled wires gives a newer level of music-listening comfort to people who are on the go. No more 3.5mm jacks and no more broken wires. You can listen to music without any disturbances on your commutes, at the home, office and even at your gym training sessions.

Sleek & Compact

Leave behind the messy wired earphones and switch to the smart, sleek, and compact version of Music with the True Wireless Earbuds. Easy to carry, smarter to use, these earbuds come in various styles, designs and engineering. You can flaunt your music with more added fashion blending with the modern world.

High-Res Audio

If you ever want to experience true-to-life sound quality, then True Wireless earbuds are the new home for this. Improved driver sizes, both in beryllium and graphene, these speakers throw out as much life in the song as you would experience in a live concert.

Easier Control

Forget taking your phone out of the pocket to control the music or volume. In True Wireless Earbuds, music can be easily controlled right by the earbuds itself. Most earbuds either have a touch or a button setup as a Multi-function button as a control key, this is definitely a convenient way to enjoy and control your music on the go.

More Appealing

Music is not always about the sound, sometimes style too is a necessary element when choosing an earphone. Most True Wireless manufacturers are playing around with the colours, design patterns, brand carvings, additional tags and such highlights to make the products stand out. This is the time to not only sound cool but also look cool. Research and make the right pick.

Modern Technology

Is there even technology in True Wireless? They only play music anyways, right? Wrong! Technological enhancements in the True Wireless has evolved eventually. Sound-pass mode, Dual Drivers, CVC Noise Cancelling, Auto Pairing, and even In-ear sensors…they truly have evolved! So, look for the features that make sense to you and go for it.

Larger Battery

This point to some of us is a decision-maker. Yes, the wired earphones don’t need to be charged but when broken it definitely can’t be fixed as well. So, if you have shifted to True Wireless or Wireless, then choosing an earphone with commendable battery life is very important. Imagine running out on battery while on a long journey. Exactly, so research and pick the best.

Why should you buy Crossbeats True Wireless?

Crossbeats have been delivering Wireless and True Wireless Bluetooth accessories, mainly earphones for a good period in the market. Loaded with technology and styled by expert engineering, the True Wireless from Crossbeats is always a notch higher compared to competitors.

Rendering to the mass premium, these earbuds house 8th generation CVC Noise Cancelling, Dual-Driver speakers, Patented Sound-Pass Mode, and a lot more technological advancements which bring ease of use to the newer generation without costing them a bomb. They are also sophisticated and look super-premium.

If you are looking to land at the best True Wireless earbuds for 2020, look no further and surf right into






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